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Pine Acres Rehabilitation & Care Center CMA Day Shifts in West Des Moines, Iowa

Pine Acres strives to provide a home/work life balance for the employees. The center offers competitive wages and benefits including health, dental, vision, life, and 401(k). The philosophy of the center is to provide quality care in a relaxing work environment. Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Certified Nursing Assistant is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities which are considered essential functions of the position.

  • Bathe or assist residents in bathing (bedbath or shower).

  • Perform or assist residents with personal grooming needs (shaving, hair care, nail care, oral hygiene, denture care, skin care, and cosmetics).

  • Assist residents in dressing and undressing, as needed, in clothing appropriate to the time of day and season of year.

  • Assist residential residents in caring for and securing (non-loss) of personal articles, labeling clothing, etc.

  • Change bed linen.

  • Assist residents in before and after meal routines (wash hands and face, transport to and from dining area, prepare bedside environment for in-room dining, etc.)

  • Provide prompt meal time assistance (check diet card for accuracy and position tray for resident’s convenience. Help with cutting food, buttering bread, pouring liquids, etc.)

  • Provide partial or total feeding assistance and encouragement as needed.

  • Report appetite changes and request substitutions when necessary.

  • Provide adequate hydration (pass ice and fresh drinking water, offer fluids frequently, record intake as directed, etc.)

  • Provide between meal nourishment when indicated (distribute supplemental nourishment as assigned, provide assistance as needed, accurately record and report intake of nourishment).

  • Assist resident in all elimination needs (bedpan, urinal, bathroom assistance).

  • Participate in facility incontinence program.

  • Perform perineal care after each episode of incontinence.

  • Perform catheter care per facility policy.

  • Record bowel habits and urine outputs as directed.

  • Collect specimens as directed.

  • Reposition immobile residents at times and in a manner as instructed.

  • Assist resident in transferring from bed, chair, wheelchair, toilet, etc. using appropriate equipment and follow principles of body mechanics (determine number of persons for assist; use gait belt, proflex belt, grab bar, etc.)

  • Assist residents in exercise (active/passive range of motion, ambulation, etc.) as indicated by supervisor and individual care plan.

  • Help restore independence through teaching and encouragement in ADL skills (eating, dressing, ambulation, toileting, etc.)

  • Help prevent complications of decubitus and contractures by placement of position aids, protective padding, etc.

  • Maintain resident information and Pine Acres internal affairs in strict confidence.

  • Assist with training and orientation of new department employees.

  • Follow Pine Acres policies concerning personal grooming, appearance, and appropriate dress code requirements.



  • High school graduate or GED is preferred. A 75 hour Nurse Aide course is a requirement but certification may be completed before employment begins.

  • Nursing Assistants must be able to read, write, and follow written and oral instructions in English.

  • All Nursing Assistants are required to complete an annual 12 hour in-service training.

    Continuous Education

  • All Nursing Assistants are required to complete an annual 12 hour in-service training. Failure to complete the requirements under local, state, or federal law, will be grounds for termination.

    Work Experience

  • Previous health related experience preferred but not necessary.

  • Extensive on the job training is provided

    Physical Activity Requirements:

    Lifting Requirements

  • Nursing Assistants may be required to occasionally lift supplies, charts, and other materials up to 10 pounds.

  • Nursing Assistants will frequently be called upon to lift various items between 10 and 50 pounds.

  • Nursing Assistants will frequently be required to lift over 50 pounds while transferring residents weighing up to or exceeding 160 pounds.

    Carrying Requirements

  • Nursing Assistants will occasionally be required to carry various medical charts, supplies, and other materials up to ten pounds.

  • Nursing Assistants may occasionally be called upon to carry objects between 10 and 50 pounds.

    Physical Requirements

  • Nursing Assistants will frequently be called upon for bending, squatting, kneeling, twisting, and crouching. These activities will primarily be utilized during patient care and transferring of residents.