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PRAIRIE LAKES AEA Speech Language Pathologist in Webster City, Iowa


  • EDUCATION:Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology
  • LICENSURE: Speech-Language license issued by Iowa Department of Public Health (DPH)andeither a Professional Service License in the Area of Speech and Language Pathology or a Statement of Professional Recognition (SPR) with the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) within Iowa Department of Education. (Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) accepted)
  • EXPERIENCE:Previous experience with children and families in educational settings is desired


  • Perform the following evaluation skills: (S2, S3, S5)
    • Implement screening and child find procedures in the area of communication
    • Review information and integrate information from student, family, caregivers, significant others, and other professionals
    • Select and implement evaluation procedures to gather data from multiple sources
    • Interpret and integrate evaluation results to determine eligibility for Special Education services in the area of communication, determine educational needs and make instructional recommendations
  • Perform the following speech and language instructional skills:
    • Match evidence based strategy to assessment data
    • Implement evidence based strategies with integrity
    • Use a variety of service delivery options to meet the needs of students including coaching families, teachers and other school personnel
    • Select and develop appropriate intervention materials
    • Plan and implement ongoing monitoring of students progress and effectiveness of strategies
    • Modify instruction, strategies, implementation plan or materials, to meet the needs of the student.
  • Perform the following management skills:
    • Schedule direct and indirect speech and language service activities,
    • Develop, maintain and update appropriate reports, student records, and documents, in a timely manner.
    • Comply with special education procedures and policies
  • Perform the following interaction skills:

    • Demonstrate competence in communication skills (including listening, speaking, nonverbal communication, and writing) that take into consideration the communication needs as well as the cultural values of the student, the family, caregivers, significant others, and other professionals
    • Identify and refer students for related services including audiological, educational, medical, psychological, social, and vocational, as appropriate.



    • Participate in teams and successfully collaborate with other professionals


  • Contributes to a positive and productive work, learning and team environment
  • Believes in, advocates for, understands, supports and delivers the priority work of the AEAs, Iowa Public and Accredited Schools, the Iowa Department of Education and Prairie Lakes AEA
  • Focuses upon agency and team efforts to deliver equitable, efficient and effective educational services that prepare Iowa children for a life well-lived
  • Anticipates and responds to needs, requirements and expectations of clients resulting in acceleration, inspiration and innovation
  • Demonstrates effective verbal, non-verbal, written, listening and visual communication
  • Possesses effective interpersonal, collaboration, facilitation skills and is committed to relationships and partnerships, within and outside of the agency
  • Exhibits self-motivation, reliability, organization, detail and quality and engages in continuous improvement of professional practice to build skills needed to perform job duties and meet agency goals and expectations
  • Manages time effectively so that timelines are met and improved results are evident in learning, professional capacity and system effectiveness
  • Problem solves by utilizing data-based decisions, preventing and resolving conflicts and providing comprehensive, high quality solutions
  • Works with integrity and maintains confidentiality
  • Models and integrates technology into daily work
  • Leads professional development for at least one course, internally, externally or both
  • Understands other duties and responsibilities may be assigned, according to current needs of the agency or districts served


  • Ability to travel between schools and sites served.
  • Normal, routine levels of activity related to bending, carrying, climbing, hearing, lifting, reaching, sitting, standing, vision and walking, and may also involve above-average levels of activity at times that cant always be anticipated.