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Green Hills AEA Speech Language Pathologist 2024-2025 (start date 8/2024) in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Green Hills Area Education Agency is looking to fill a Speech Language Pathologist position for the contract year 2024-2025 (start date 8/2024). We offer a competitive starting wage and excellent benefits, including IPERS. Green Hills pays 100% of employee single coverage for medical, dental and vision. We also offer family insurance at a great rate. Certified Job Description Position Title: Speech-Language Pathologist Assignment Level: Certified Professional Direct Supervisor: Field Director or Director of Specialized Services Qualifications: Completion of training with a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and a current license from the Iowa Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology, in the Department of Public Health (DPH), and a Statement of Professional Recognition (SPR) from the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. Or meet Iowa Board of Educational Examiners guidelines for a Speech-Language Pathologist and possess the ability to obtain the Iowa DPH Licensure within two years of hire. General Responsibilities: Essential Functions: (1) Assume responsibility for all aspects of providing speech-language services, including identification, remediation, referral, resource and research as appropriate for all children, birth to 21, with communication delays. (2) Assume responsibility for the identification and comprehensive diagnosis of those children with communication delays. (3) Assume responsibility for designing and designating the service delivery model(s) for providing speech-language services to children with communication delays. (4) Develop and follow a flexible schedule based on student need as stated in the Individualized Education Program (i.e. service delivery model (s), frequency of sessions, duration of sessions, etc.). (5) Assume responsibility for the provision of speech-language services to students within ones identified caseload for the regular school year as well as provision of speech-language services during the extended school year for those same students. (6) Regular attendance is required Non-Essential Functions: (7) Assist the Green Hills Area Education Agency Administration in matters of priority as well as bring to the attention of an Regional Administrator issues of concern in regard to efficient and effective provision of special education services. Specific Responsibilities: Essential Functions: (1) Conduct a communication adequacy screening consistent with Agency policies. (2) Prepare and distribute reports indicating results of the screening. (3) Assume responsibility for completing referrals and obtaining parental consent for Extended Evaluation (formal and informal measures) as indicated by Agency policies. (4) Administer and reliably interpret Problem-Solving Assessments in the areas of articulation, language, fluency and voice to determine appropriate diagnosis and service delivery options. (5) Prepare and distribute written Problem-Solving Assessment reports which include a statement of concern, problem definition, relevant background information, problem solving questions and findings. (6) Participate in the staffing process and assume responsibility for the completion and distribution of IEPs consistent with Agency policies. (7) Prepare and distribute information as needed for the completion of annual state reports to the designated lead speech-language pathologist. (8) Respond promptly to special requests for reports, attendance at meetings, staffings and special assignments as given by the Regional Administrator, Lead Speech-Language Pathologist and/or Director of Special Education. (9) Supervise Speech-Language Pathology Assistants as assigned. Non-Essential Functions: (10) Participate in professional development activities, coordinate and exchange ideas through conferences, committee participation and discipline meetings with fellow speech-language pathologists. (11) Provide in-service education for teachers, school administrators and par nts with respect to speech-language services as well as provide consultative services with respect to the development and improvement of communication skills. Physical Requirements: (1) Ability to travel to serve itinerant caseload (2) Hearing level proficiency to perform duties. Provisions of Employment: The period of employment shall be for the number of days as specified by the adopted calendar with an understanding that additional days may be negotiated as determined by need. Green Hills AEA is committed to being Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply. Contact Human Resources, Brittany Mayer, 712-366-7760,