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TITLE:School Nurse

LOCATION: East Ridge Elementary (Coralville, IA)

QUALIFICATIONS: Maintains current license to practice nursing in the State of Iowa. Must have the following current certifications: CPR/AED and Mandatory Child/Adult Abuse Reporting, Must be able to complete certification in Bloodborne Pathogen training, Seclusion and Restraint, and Right to Know within 1 month of employment. Practice and maintain confidentiality. Pleasant personality. Good oral and written communication skills. Ability and patience to work with children and adolescents. Demonstrates good judgment. Evidence of accuracy and attention to detail. Capable of representing the school in a professional manner, which includes but not limited to confidentiality, communication skills, and dress. Regular attendance.

REPORTS TO: Building Principals, Superintendent, and District Director of Nursing/Student Health Services

JOB SUMMARY: Provides health services to students of the Clear Creek Amana Community School District and assists with clerical duties as needed.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Terms and conditions as established by the Board of Education.


  • Render first aid to sick and/or injured students
  • Act as a health liaison between school/home, doctor/school
  • Maintain accurate, up-to-date health records on all students
  • Coordinate with the building secretaries to keep accurate class lists and student counts
  • Facilitate the following screening procedures/record results/follow-up on referrals; document results

a) Vision

b) Hearing

c) Others as may be determined by district needs and administrative request

  • Record and report all communicable diseases in the district according to the State Department of Health guidelines and send copy to District DON/Student Health services weekly
  • Monitor attendance records in each building, paying special attention to the students who have a history of poor attendance; collaborate with administration to communicate attendance concerns to parents
  • Write or update individual health plans for all students under RN's direct care with known physical disabilities in accordance with Iowa Administrative Code 281-41.23 (281)
  • Safely administer medications to students

a) safely account for and store medications

b) safely dispose of medications when applicable

  • Serve as special education team member

a) Complete pertinent health information forms

b) Health liaison between teacher/parent/doctor

  • Serve as child abuse investigator and reporter as mandated by law

a) Exam students with potential child abuse injuries

b) File legal reporting and do required follow-up

  • Counsel students and staff on health related issues
  • Participate in health teaching projects within the school when requested and available
  • Maintain healthy school environment
  • Make sure all health information is complete for students
  • Prepare a quarterly analysis of district immunization cards and be prepared for annual audit
  • Keep abreast of new medical techniques by attending appropriate workshops, classes etc.
  • Assist parents to find low cost medical care for families without adequate resources and as requested
  • Participate in Medicaid reimbursement recording and filing as directed by administration
  • Prepare newsletter communications in collaboration with the District DON/Student Health Services
  • Maintain adequate first aid and illness supplies

a) Inventory supplies and equipment on an annual basis

b) Assist in preparation of annual order and as needed supplies throughout the year

  • Regular attendance
  • Prompt attendance
  • Other duties as assigned by Administration

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of this job. The information contained in this job description is in compliance with the America Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties are performed by the individuals holding this position and additional duties may be assigned. The Clear Creek Amana School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity. Federal law obligates an employer to provide reasonable accommodation for the known disabilities of applicants, unless doing so would pose an undue hardship on the employer.

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