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CEDAR FALLS COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Athletic Coach-Women's Assistant Soccer in Cedar Falls, Iowa

[Persons employed to coach in the interscholastic athletic programs of the Cedar Falls Community School District shall report to the building principal via the athletic director/activities coordinator of the building.]{serif=""}\ \ [Specific duties:]{serif=""}\ \ [ 1. To possess and utilize a sound base of knowledge of the sport(s) to which the coach is assigned.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 2. To motivate students and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to enhancing school spirit, morale, and the individual\'s enjoyment of the activity.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 3. To function in accordance with the established statements of philosophy while maintaining high standards of personal conduct as a coach.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 4. To properly supervise the safety and conduct of participants while engaged in practices, events, and activity trips.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 5. To instill a high degree of sportsmanship within the ranks of the participating students.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 6. To observe all student code-of-conduct provisions and assist in their consistent enforcement.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 7. To ensure that discipline is maintained in all phases of practices and events.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 8. To properly prepare and implement a plan (including annual goals) for the conduct of practices and events.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 9. To thoroughly communicate with building administration, students, and parents regarding the practices and events.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 10. To keep the administration and the athletic director/activities coordinator of the building well informed regarding progress, and of any problems for which assistance may be required.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 11. To maintain all necessary forms, reports, inventories, and other records.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 12. To safeguard the property of the school district.]{serif=""}[ ]{serif=""}\ \ [ 13. To work cooperatively and harmoniously with other coaches, activities council personnel, and other staff members at all times.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 14. To carry out such evaluation-related functions as may be assigned.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 15. To perform such other related duties as may be appropriately assigned by administrative personnel.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 16. To hold valid coaching authorization issued by the Iowa Department of Education.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 17. To hold a valid coaching contract approved by the Board of Education.]{serif=""}\ \ [ 18. To provide, in instances of assignment as a non-teaching coach, a certificate of physical examination.\ \ Qualifications: Must have an Iowa Coaching Authorization or]{serif=""}K-12 Athletic Coach endorsement